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The impact of sales training is hard to quantify, so executives and sales leaders often doubt its effectiveness.  This sentiment is reflected in organizational resource allocation trends across multiple industries.  Research shows that the average company will spend between $10,000 and $15,000 hiring and onboarding a new member of the sales team, but only invests $2,000 per person, per year in sales training.  However, additional studies have shown that continuous sales training can increase net sales by as much as 50% over the long term.  Sales training may not drive immediate results, but the positive impact it has on productivity and quota attainment compound over time.


As executives begin to better understand the value of sales training, the role of the sales trainer or sales enablement professional will continue to grow.  While there are plenty of vendors who will deliver their own sales training programs, there are very few organizations that provide education and resources to help companies build, deliver, and continuously improve their own internal sales training program.  That’s why we created the FSU Sales Trainer Academy, the premier training and networking event for sales managers, sales trainers, and sales enablement professionals seeking to be more effective in their role.


Offered by the Sales Institute at Florida State University, this 3-day professional certification provides advanced training and practice with foundational selling skills and adult learning concepts.  The goal of the Sales Trainer Academy (STA) is to help sales enablement professionals of ALL experience levels improve their ability to teach the concepts and facilitate interactive practice of the skills that members of their sales team need to drive better results.


Specifically, the Sales Trainer Academy is designed for:

  1.  Sales Trainers responsible for designing and implementing the sales training program at their company
  2.  Sales Enablement Professionals that focus on empowering their reps to perform at their full potential
  3.  Sales Managers who take an active role in supporting the professional development of their team members
  4.  Anyone who is anticipating a transition to one of these roles


We certainly hope that you will consider joining us for this unique training program from April 24-26, 2018 at Florida State University in Tallahassee, FL.  Space for the Sales Trainer Academy is limited to 40 seats, so consider reserving your spot by registering today.


For more information contact Dr. Leff Bonney at

Program Structure

The structure of the Sales Trainer Academy is a little different from other conferences you might attend.  From the ground up, we’ve designed this learning program to not only teach you new skills and concepts that will help you be more effective at your job, but also give you opportunities to practice applying them so that they actually translate to meaningful results in the real world.


We’ve seen outstanding results from this model in the past and are confident that you will find it is a refreshing change of pace from what most similar programs offer.


After you register for the Sales Trainer Academy, you will participate in…

Self-guided, Online Pre-work


We guide you through a series of training videos, tip sheets, reference guides, and bite-sized quizzes to introduce and reinforce training concepts.

Live, Collaborative Training Workshop


The live session focuses on collaborative discussions that encourage sharing of diverse perspectives on training and uncover actionable ideas for participants to take home.



Choose one of three projects that will require you to apply the concepts you learned to better your own training program.  You’ll also receive constructive feedback from FSU Sales Insitute faculty.

Program Topics


To make sure that our training content is both relevant and impactful, we’ve asked sales trainers and sales enablement professionals from around the world what their biggest challenges are.  These conversations helped us put together an agenda that is jam-packed with valuable insights.


Download the Complete Agenda and Program Requirements

Session reviews the concepts related to learning theory and the different stages of adult learning

Session reviews the concepts related to measuring learning outcomes the importance of developing feedback loops in sales training

Session reviews categories of learners and how to tailor sales training to all styles

Session reviews concepts and best-practices related to building self directed learning programs in sales teams

Session reviews concepts from the day’s previous sessions and highlights how technology can be used to facilitate learning and measurement in sales training

Session reviews the “where” of sales training programs by highlighting the issues faced by sales trainers who don’t have dedicated training space.

Session provides an overview of collegiate sales programs and how companies can partner with programs across the country

8:30 am - 9:30 am
What Exactly Should We Be Teaching in Sales Training Programs?

Session reviews the different topics that should be covered in sales training programs

Session takes concepts from previous session and attempts to distinguish beginner and advanced topics

Session explores topics that should be covered in sales training targeted toward senior sales people. Methods of delivering training for senior sales people are also discussed

Session reviews the training that should be provided to today’s frontline sales managers as well as the role sales manager’s play in overall sales training programs

How should sales training programs be measured in terms of success and justification of the program to senior sales leaders.

8:30 am - 9:45 am
Making Sales Training More Strategic

Session highlights the role of sales training in more strategic, sales enablement programs

Session reviews the concepts related to learning theory and the different stages of adult learning

Teaching Session: Session covers best-practices in the area of delivering sales training in a classroom setting. The requirements for the Teach track of the capstone project will also be reviewed Curriculum Design Session: Session covers best-practices and frameworks in the area of designing new sales training courses that can enhance existing programs. The requirements for the Curriculum Design track of the capstone project will also be reviewed Strategic Planning for Sales Training Session: Session covers frameworks for building strategic plans for sales training programs. The requirements for the Strategic Planning track of the capstone project will also be reviewed

Closing comments from FSU Sales Trainer Academy faculty

Program Registration

Early Bird Registration – $1,700 per person  (15% off)

Space for the Sales Trainer Academy is capped at 40 seats.  Reserve your spot before February 1, 2018, and save 15% on a standard registration.

Standard Registration – $2,000 per person

Standard registration gets you access to all Sales Trainer Academy events, including a kick-off dinner at the University Center Club in Doak Campbell Stadium, evening networking events, and the keynote address.

Team Registration – $1,600 per person (20% off)

If you would like to register three or more individuals from the same organization, please contact Dr. Leff Bonney at to take advantage of this discounted rate for sales training teams.

Advisory Board

Mike Fouts

VP Worldwide Sales and Services Enablement, Citrix

Mike’s mission is to improve selling efficiency, strengthen pipeline and pipeline velocity, and increase overall product revenue growth at Citrix, a company that provide workplace software and cloud computing solutions.

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    Kirk Puterbaugh

    National Director of Operations, Sharp Business Systems

    As the leader of National Operations, Kirk is responsible for back office and sales force automation process and systems for Sharp Business Systems.

    Read Full Bio

      Melinda Dransfield

      Director of Sales Training and Development, Prudential Financial

      Melinda’s mission at Prudential is to develop the most distinguished professionals in the retirement industry through sales enablement strategies, coaching and product training.

        Mark Reynolds

        Vice President of Customer Operations, DigitalRealty

        Mark is focused on defining and executing the vision for the customer experience and customer service platform across the entire international footprint of DigitalRealty.

        Read Full Bio

          Carol Cohen

          Sales Training and Enablement Manager, Plex Systems

          Carol, a resident of Citrus County, Florida, is responsible for the development and deployment of a comprehensive sales training and enablement program at Plex, the leading cloud ERP technology company for the manufacturing enterprise.

            Thorsten Stiller

            Senior Sales Enablement Manager, Dell EMC

            Thorsten is responsible for developing and executing Sales and Partner productivity readiness programs at Dell EMC, an arm of Dell Computers focused on delivering data storage and server solutions.

            Read Full Bio

              Jennifer Burkhardt

              Marketing & Sales Training Manager, Belden

              Jennifer is tasked with building and deploying programs that offer strategic learning, targeted at empowering people with industry leading information, selling messages, and opportunities that lead to success.

                Marcus Verri

                Sales Training Manager (Latin America), Becton Dickinson (BD)

                Marcus is responsible for the development of in-person and online training programs at Becton Dickinson (BD), a company that manufactures medical devices and systems that improve patient outcomes.

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                  Leff Bonney, PhD

                  Professor, Florida State University Sales Intitute

                  Leff has over 20 years of experience in sales, sales management and sales training in Fortune 500 firms and in leading academic institutions.

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                        Reserve Your Seat

                        Space for the Sales Trainer Academy is limited, so consider reserving your seat today.  Pricing includes registration and meals only, travel and accommodations not included.

                        Event Logistics


                        Please plan to be in Tallahassee before 6:00pm to attend the welcome reception and dinner on Monday, April 23rd. Class will begin at 8:00 am on Tuesday, April 24th. Departure flights should be scheduled after noon on Thursday, April 26th.



                        The local airport is Tallahassee International Airport.  It is about a 15-minute ride from the airport to the university.



                        Florida State University Executive Education Center